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  • CRC Houston's Doctors Group Photo
  • CRC Houston's Doctors Group Photo

Colon and Rectal Clinic Provides Surgical Fellowship Training

CRC Houston Surgical Fellowship Training

In addition to providing quality and experienced colorectal disease treatment to its patients, the Colon and Rectal Clinic (CRC), with its roots in the Texas Medical Center, has been training general surgeons in the specialty of colon and rectal surgery for over 30 years.

Dr. James Hampton, a prominent and highly talented colorectal surgeon in Houston, had the vision of building a colorectal surgical clinic that would serve the needs of Houston's growing community. In 1971, CRC founder Donald R. Butts, M.D.,F.A.C.S. became the first graduate of the fellowship program which is affiliated with the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. In 1975, CRC assumed management of the program. Currently, Dr. Michael Snyder is the fellowship program director.

Since that time, more than 100 surgeons (including 20 women) have completed training in the CRC program and are in practice throughout the United States as well as Australia, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong and Mexico. Our training program prepares fully trained general surgeons for board certification in colon and rectal surgery.

CRC and University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Colon & Rectal Surgery Residency Program Diplomats include:
(* denotes past and current Colon & Rectal Clinic Surgeons)

University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center
Colon & Rectal Surgery Residency Program Diplomates

Class of 1970

*Donald Butts, MD, Houston, TX

Class of 1975

*Ernest Max, MD, Houston, TX

Class of 1976

*Luis Zamora, MD, Houston, TX

Class of 1977

Sergio Larach, MD, Orlando, FL

Class of 1978

Rama Jager, MD, Indianapolis, IN

Class of 1979

Ralph Korkor, MD, Trenton, NJ

Class of 1980

Hani Khoury, MD, Wayne, NJ
Miquel Doria, San Jose, CA

Class of 1981

Thomas Chiu, MD, Monterrey Park, CA
John LaVoo, MD (Deceased)

Class of 1982

Ahmed Kalla, MD, Bridgeport, OH
Salvador Medina-Gonzalez, MD
Mexico City, Mexico

Class of 1983

Sambasiva Marupudi, MD, Amarillo, TX
Deepak Patel, MD, Kingston, NY

Class of 1984

Chen Hu, MD, New Port Richey, FL
Ghalib Talia, MD, Pontiac, MI

Class of 1985

Samuel Oomen, MD, Concord, CA
*Gary Skakun, MD, Houston, TX

Class of 1986

Howard Hardy, MD, Lawrenceville, NJ
Keith Warner, MD, Cleveland, OH

Class of 1987

William Huval, MD, W. Palm Beach, FL
Richard Reznick, MD, Toronto, ONT Canada

Class of 1988

Paul Hartendorp, MD, Garden City, NJ NY
Robert Hawkins, MD, Brunswick, GA
Kathleen O´Farrell, MD, San Diego, CA

Class of 1989

Ernest Graves, MD, Austin, TX
George Rittersbach, MD, Stuart, FL
William Sweeney, MD, Worster, MA

Class of 1990

Kevin Kinzinger, MD, Fullerton, CA
David Luallin, MD (Deceased)
Charles Papp, MD, Lexington, KY

Class of 1991

John DeNobile, MD, Bethesda, MD
Stuart Hoff, MD, Tulsa, OK
Frank Lacqua, MD, Brooklyn, NY
*David Thompson, MD, Houston, TX

Class of 1992

Terrance Adkins, MD, Tucson, AZ
Kent Kossoy, MD, Kingwood, TX
Michael Ott, MD, Bellaire, TX
John Weinberg, MD, Houston, TX

Class of 1993

*Joseph Cali, MD, Houston, TX
Pierre Castera, MD, Kansas City, MO
M. Parker Roberts, MD, Portland, ME
Marion Schertzer, MD, Atlanta, GA

Class of 1994

Susan Behen, MD, Baltimore, MD
P. Jan Chandler, MD, Bethesda, MD
Debra Ford, MD, Washington, DC
Kathy Liscum, MD, Houston, TX

Class of 1995

Brad Kendrick, MD, Abilene, TX
Mark Rubin, MD, West Monroe, LA
Larry Sasaki, MD, Bossier City, LA
David Wang, MD, Covina, CA

Class of 1996

Clifton Cox, MD, Grapevine, TX
Jaime Gomez, MD, El Paso, TX
Ravin Kumar, MD, Torrance, CA
Nana Pianim, MD, Harbor City, CA

Class of 1997

Nora Evans, MD, Laguna Hills, CA
Ian Faragher, MD, Melbourne, Australia
James Okamura, MD , Burnaby, BC Canada
Gabriel Peal, MD, Little Rock, AR

Class of 1998

Mark Blankenship, MD, Rincon, GA
Renia Dotson, MD, Greenville, MS
Patrick Hammen, MD, Savannah, GA
*Michael Snyder, MD, Houston, TX

Class of 1999

Kathy Facklis, MD, Los Angeles, CA
Eduardo Parra-Davila, MD, Orlando, FL
Dat Nguyen, MD, Pleasanton, CA
Reggie Vaden, MD, Houston, TX

Class of 2000

*Lisa Chen, MD, Houston, TX
Paul Conarty, MD, Fort Wayne, IN
Stanley Fuller, MD, Winston-Salem, NC
Graham Gibb, MD, Peterborough, ONT Canada

Class of 2001

Thomas Erchinger, MD, Boling AFB, OH
*Omar Madriz, MD, Houston, TX
Wayne Rosen, MD, Calgary, AB Canada
Ricardo Solis, MD, Austin, TX

Class of 2002

*Thomas Newton, MD, Houston, TX
*Darren Pollock, MD, Houston, TX

Class of 2003

John Cromwell, MD, Memphis, TN
Eric Haas, MD, Houston, TX
Brian McGuinness, MD, Concord, CA
Luis Rosas, MD, W. Palm Beach, FL

Class of 2004

Matthew Albert, MD, Orlando, FL
Anna-Maria Blake-Toker, MD, Dallas, TX
Beverley Petrie, MD, Torrance, CA
Michele Slogoff, MD, Maywood, IL

Class of 2005

Abhijit Basu, MD, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Giuseppe Gagliardi, MD, Napoli, Italy
Daniel Herzig, MD, Portland, OR
Chad Lewis, MD, Keller, TX

Class of 2006

Jeffrey Albright, MD, Birmingham, AL
Valerie Bauer, MD, Galveston, TX
Tonya Jordan, MD, Atlanta, GA
Christopher Petty, MD, Tacoma, WA

Class of 2007

Osama (Sam) Atallah, MD, Orlando, FL
*Kelly Gilmore-Lynch, MD, Houston, TX
Anne Le, MD, Houston, TX
*Theodoros Voloyiannis, MD, Houston, TX

Class of 2008

Mariano Faresi, MD, Cattletsburg, KY
D. Lee Howell, Jr., MD, Houston, TX
Justin Kim, MD, Napa, CA
Matthew Voth, MD, San Antonio, TX

Class of 2009

Roger Hsiung, MD, Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Levin, MD, Glen Mills, PA
Stefanos Millas, MD, Houston, TX
Kota Venkatesh, MD, Duluth, GA

Class of 2010

Hans Burkholder, MD, Anchorage, AK
Aakash Gajjar, MD, Galveston, TX
Konya Keeling, MD, Scottsdale, AZ
Melanie Morris, MD, Birmingham, AL

Class of 2011

Jose Fernando Aycinena, MD, Somerset, PA
Dhruvil Gandhi, MD, Houston, TX
Eben Strobos, MD, Abington, PA
Michael Tempel, MD, Dayton, OH

Class of 2012

Kathryn Berndt, MD, US Navy
Benjamin Delano, MD, Colorado Springs, CO
Terah Isaacson, MD, Reno, NV
Sean Langenfeld, MD, Omaha, NE

Class of 2013

George Angelos, MD
Erik Askenasy, MD
Bidhan Das, MD
Scott McKnight, MD